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Touch Me.

Touch me,
I yearn to feel your presence,
To be engulfed in feeling,
Senses awash with pleasure.

Touch me,
Touch that place deep within me,
The contracted dark place,
The places i fear to go.

Touch me,
Breathe with me,
Open me deeper,
Crack me open with presence and love.

Touch me,
Till i start to tremble,
Help my body soften,
And let go.

Touch me,
I long to surrender,
Let go of control,
Lose track of time.

Touch me,
So softly the craving begins,
As i remember,
That touch can be opening.

Touch me,
Make me tremble with feeling,
As my body remembers,
How open i once was.

Touch me,
To the depth of my being,
To the part of me,
That knows no pain.

Touch me,
Feel where i’m at,
Read me through your senses,
So i trust and let go.

Touch me,
Go with my flow,
Movement as i open,
Stillness as i close.

Touch me,
Hold me in my fullness,
My rage and my shame,
Feeling safe to express.

Touch me,
In the places i’m numb,
The places i feel pain,
So i know where to go.

Touch me,
Hold space with pure presence,
To allow me the space,
For my essence to flow.

Touch me,
Dance with my body,
Allow me to gently open,
To relax that you know.

Touch me,
Until i meet myself,
At the place of stillness,
Where rarely i go.

Touch me,
Till the raging subsides,
The aching abates,
My soul starts to grow.

Touch me,
Let pain turn to pleasure,
Breathe into the bliss,
To rest in my glow.

Touch me,
Hold me in stillness,
My breath becomes gentle,
New knowing becomes so.

Touch me,
Honour me with integrity,
Respect and pure intention,
To feel seen at my core.

Touch me,
Hold me in peace,
Ground me with love,
Till i’m ready to leave.

Tim Hopkins 2017

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