Loving sensual touchWith loving sensual touch, you will experience being taken on a journey into your senses and inner world while lying on a massage table. Including:
  • Relaxing massage,
  • Sensual (but not sexual) touch,
  • Touch from the heart with full presence,
  • Intuitive touch.
I believe this type of touch can be extremely healing, relaxing and nurturing and can also:
  • Bring your senses alive,
  • Get in touch with your pleasure, aliveness, juice, softness, vulnerability.
Benefits can include:
  • Deep relaxation,
  • Letting go off past hurts and blockages,
  • The experience of loving connected touch,
  • More creativity,
  • Expanded feeling,
  • Feeling sensual and alive,
  • Heal your feminine wounding,
  • Opening to a deeper level,
  • Experience a healthy supportive masculine energy that is not wanting something from you.
There is a feeling that comes over us when we’re being cared for. A warmth that floods our senses when someone is devoting their complete attention to our health. A vibration that courses through the body. An inner sigh of relief.
The phenomenon of human touch is at the heart of the healing traditions we work with, yet many take it for granted. We often construe the word “touch” to be something overtly sexual , but what about the helping and healing kind?
Our hands are capable of so much more than we give them credit for. Whether you are a Siberian shaman, Reiki healer, or QiGong master, awareness in yourpalms and fingertips is an unspoken job requirement. – Nick Polizzi.