In order to change our outer experiences we have to fully embrace our inner experiences, or at least to become more aware of what is happening in our bodies on a physical, emotional and mental level. Often we hold onto past hurts, memories and beliefs that get locked in our bodies physically (tension) and energetically (repressed feelings). This can cause blockages to our natural flow of life force energy, which can shut down or influence certain areas of our outer experiences with no knowledge of why.

Working somatically (with the body/bodymind), breath and relaxing the nervous system we can drop into a space where just by focusing our awareness into and throughout our body, we can come into contact with held tension, stuck emotion, trauma, and old memories. Through the process of bringing them into full awareness, we allow them to be released, validated and fully experienced, thereby opening up the body’s energy pathways to more feeling and aliveness.

All bodywork sessions start with a talk session (included in session price) to discuss any questions you have, what you are looking for from the session, any body issues or injuries, boundaries or concerns you have so we can tailor the session to suit your needs. Also you may be more comfortable with the first session being just a talk session before you decide on any bodywork.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have or to arrange an appointment.


Talk session only 1hr $88.00

Kahuna massage 1hr $99.00   1.5hr $154.00

Loving touch massage $132.00/hr

Tantric bodywork and breathwork 2hr (min) $275.00

Tantric massage 2hrs (min) $275.00 each additional hr $110.00

Tantric coaching $99.00/hr