Tantric Massage. (Intimate Touch)

Tantric massage provides a space for an inclusive approach to massage and intimacy that seeks to include the oft avoided sensual and sexual aspects of our being. By creating a safe held environment from which you can explore the sensual side of your body and energy.

The session provides a safe space from which you can drop deeply into your body expand your awareness and explore whatever surfaces in the moment, a place to get in touch with sensation, feeling, pleasure ,areas you feel blocked in some way but are not sure why, often we hold unconscious tension in our bodies (armouring) which can impede the natural flow of our life force energy (sexual energy, Kundalini) limiting pleasure, aliveness, feeling in the moment, stopping  the spread of orgasmic energy into full body orgasm or inability to reach orgasm.

Working with the bodies sexual energy expands our capacity to feel into what is happening or not  happening in our inner world, heightening our awareness especially when we stay present and open to the process in the moment.

According to Dr Wilhelm Reich, psychotherapist and sexologist,

“Body Armouring” is viewed as a process whereby past traumatic experiences are stored in the body muscle tissue at a cellular level and as a result the body’s tissues harden, creating tension and blocking energy in the area that has been traumatised. Traces of the emotional content of every unsatisfied sexual experience have been recorded in the muscular tissues of your genitals, building up tension in the area.By armouring itself, body’s intention is to reduce it’s vulnerability to pain, discomfort and possible  danger. But this process has the parallel effect of reducing our capacity for feeling pleasure.

All sessions start with a 15min talk session to establish what you are wanting from the session and your boundaries, so I can tailor the session to suit your particular needs.

The bodywork begins with a relaxing full body massage to relax your nervous system and allow the busyness of the day to fall away and to drop into a deeper place.

Then only with your consent I will offer a more intimate touch which can include:

  •  Breast massage.
  •  External -Vulva massage.
  •  Internal-Urethral sponge massage. (G-spot, Sacred spot )
  •  Genital mapping (exploring sensation or lack of sensation, numbness, areas that are pleasurable, painful)

I will be tuning into your body using focused attention (presence) and gently guiding you to explore your inner landscape & get more in touch with whatever aspect of self that you may be looking to reconnect with.

This can assist with

  •  Practice with boundary setting, assertiveness, asking for what you want
  •  Exploring numbness in the genitals
  •  Releasing sexual trauma
  •  Opening to more pleasure
  •  Releasing tension (De-armouring)
  •  Releasing energy blocks in the body
  •  Experiencing pleasure while deeply relaxed
  •  Exploring different types of orgasm
  •  Staying present in your body during sexual situations
  •  Opening up to more aliveness, creativity.

It is important to understand that every aspect of the session will be totally within your control.

Last but not least, many experience deep healing simply through having their genitals touched with pure, loving intention and presence. Of course, all sessions are mutually agreed and gently guided, and your boundaries are respected at all times. It is a safe space where you are encouraged to own your experience in every way.