Tantric Energy BodyworkThe session will begin with a 15 min talk session to discuss your history, intentions around session and any questions you may have.

Tantric energy bodywork sessions are not massage. Lying on a massage table you will be gently guided into your body using relaxation techniques and breath, I will assist you to stay focused within, staying aware of what is happening in the body, I will gently contact certain energy points on the  body to assist with:

  • Feeling in to your bodies natural flow of energy,
  • Become aware of/ release tension (blockages),
  • Become aware of feelings and sensations,
  • Get in touch with past feelings, memories, beliefs that may have been keeping you stuck in life,
  • Reconnect with your natural orgasmic bliss,
  • Embrace the feminine (yin) energies within,
  • Drop into deeper letting go,
  • Feeling waves of orgasmic energy moving through the body.

The intention of tantric energy bodywork is to hold space so that the body can be connected to expressions of feelings in the moment. At a body level there can be a releasing of tension, increased sensitivity, relaxation, increased energy flow and more awareness of love. At an emotional level there can be a releasing of past emotions and patterns, heart opening and an openness to alternative ways of being.

On a spiritual level there can be a sense of connection, letting go, opening to God/spirit/self.