I have experienced a handful of sessions with Tim now and highly recommend him as a practitioner. He holds such a genuine and loving space that allowed me to open to and heal my own essence. It is rare to find men working in this field with the kind of integrity and sensitivity that Tim holds.


Hey I just wanted to tell you that you have a really nice way of approaching these sessions, and creating a really safe supportive space, which allows me to cast aside anxieties and be open to explore sensations, my body and my own inner landscape. I think its your gentle respectful nature and integrity…a lovely blend of qualities


Dear Tim, thank you so much

Thank you very much for this blissful experience! The erotic meditation session with you is still staying in my cells. Without agenda and with an ongoing presence you touched me from head to toe and back in an ever so slow, gentle and loving way, without missing a centimetre.

From time to time you stopped and your hands just rested wherever they where. I felt then my body was integrating and could fall in a deeper space each time. I let go of tension, relaxed more and more and enjoyed being lovingly and sensually touched. An opening to myself and to my pleasure happened.

Your hands are long gone and I still can go back to the feeling of love and connection within myself and with the whole universe.

I can deeply recommend Tim’s session!

Thank you again!     U.B.


I have experienced 2 sessions of body work with Tim. I chose to work with Tim because I trust his presence, his ability and capacity to hold space for me in my full power, his genuine care and interest in the expansion of every person he interacts with and supports, and also because he comes highly recommended by my tantra mentor Martina.

Both sessions with Tim were profound in how they supported me to deeply connect with my body at a physical, sexual and sensual level while also supporting me to learn how to move energy through and within my body.

Tim’s clean masculine presence and support provided the space for me to surrender to the wisdom in my body and drop deeply into my feminine energy on many levels. The power and expansion experienced through the sessions have been a significant part of my tantra journey so far and my growth as a woman.

I will be choosing to experience more sessions with Tim in the future.




“Tim sensitively and gently guided me through my first Tantric bodywork session. It was a unique and special experience for a woman to have with a man. I felt one hundred per cent safe. Tim listened to my body and responded intuitively and respectfully with energy and sensual, healing touch.

Tim tailored the session to my needs and boundaries and adjusted throughout as emotional shifts happened or as I communicated my needs.

I felt integrated, embodied and relaxed…and safe to experience a range of emotions and pleasurable sensations.

I now have a greater awareness of how to connect to and move sexual energy through my body.

Tim is a very genuine person and I am sincerely grateful to him for my bodywork experience. I wholeheartedly recommend him to other first time explorers!”